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Designed at the intersection of the latest technologies, environmental sustainability, and modularity, Matrix is a perfect location for companies that nurture talent and innovativeness of their people.   

Healthier Offices

Better and more sustainable offices encourage productivity, creativity, and cooperation by improving the health and well-being of your people.   

Business Prestige

Sophisticated and modern design, sustainability and innovativeness represent your company in the best light.

About Us

GTC group is the leading investor and developer in a commercial real estate in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe. Since the founding in 1994, we have built 1 200 000 square meters of business space in 67 buildings and 400 000 residential square meters in 10 buildings.
We own 41 office buildings with 677 000 square meters of retail and offices spaces. We build sustainable buildings according to the highest standards of green building – the preservation of the environment and human health is an essential element of our business mission. 


Excellent Location and Traffic Connections

Matrix Office Park is located in the prestigious Zagreb business district at the intersection of the most important city roads. Your employees, partners, and clients can easily access it by car, public transportation or bicycle from all directions and city neighborhoods. It is located about fifteen minutes away from the airport and downtown Zagreb, and only a few minutes from the central bus station and the business district.


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Excellent Location and Traffic Connections


We Protect the Environment and Human Health Through Sustainable Building Practices.

Matrix is a highly-efficient building, designed and constructed according to the most widely used standard of the of sustainable building - LEED Platinum certification.  

LEED certification encompasses all elements of the construction – beginning with the selection of organic and safe materials, through energy efficiency and environmental protection to the insistence on exceptional air purity, natural lighting and overall functionality, adaptability, and comfort of the building.  

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We Protect the Environment and Human Health Through Sustainable Building Practices.

Because the first impression matters.

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