Flexibility for Growth and Development of your Company

Matrix offices are designed to support your successes and give a home to your ideas, projects, and people – in your rhythm and according to your needs. We offer you offices from 150 m2 to 1600 m2 on a one floor, with the possibility of renting several floors. Adjust the office to the needs of your business simple and easy.
Gross building area is 20 000 m2, while the leasable area for offices and retail is 10 000 m2. The building has seven floors, including the ground floor, and two levels of the underground garage. 
Thanks to the “H floor plan” of the building, the daylight penetrates deeply into the interior of the building and provides the sunlight for every corner of the floor. Each office has its toilets. Vertical communication: four elevators and two staircases.  
Matrix offices are handed over in shell condition.

Because the first impression matters.

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