We Protect the Environment and Human Health Through Sustainable Building Practices.

Matrix is a highly-efficient building, designed and constructed according to the standards of the renowned LEED Platinum certificate of green construction.   

LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is one of the most widely accepted and respected systems for evaluating the sustainability of buildings and their positive effect on the environment and human health. Acceptance and growing popularity of LEED construction across the world arises from the measurable and scientifically proven impact on the environment and health and productivity of people who live and work in LEED buildings. This certificate encompasses all elements of the construction – from the selection of organic and safe materials, through energy efficiency and environmental protection to the insistence on exceptional air purity, natural lightning and overall functionality, adaptability, and comfort of the building.

The building practices, carefully selected harmless materials, and advanced ventilation systems in LEED buildings provide cleaner air, fewer allergens, and harmful substances, which according to statistics increases the productivity by up to 11%. The access to daylight improves the work performance t by up to 23%. Particularly interesting is the fact that the companies in LEED offices record less absence from work and lower turnover rate compared to companies in classical building offices, with higher satisfaction and better business results.  

LEED certification is the intersection of environmental protection, health, and advanced technology from which the productivity and innovation grow, driven by vitality and satisfaction of your people.

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